Harrow, Richmond and Uxbridge Colleges (HRUC) - Building Surveying

- Harrow, Hayes and Uxbridge
Fabric condition surveys
In-depth condition reports
Itemised defects and repair requirements, with budget costs
Enabled funding application to DfE

Vail Williams was appointed by Harrow, Richmond and Uxbridge Colleges (HRUC) to provide expert building surveying services across all four of the college’s campuses in Harrow, Hayes and Uxbridge.

We were tasked with reporting on the condition of each educational facility, to enable funding applications to be made to the Department for Education (DfE).

How we helped
  • Expert team of surveyors came together at short notice to undertake fabric condition surveys across all four campuses and reported on the condition ratings for each block
  • As part of this, inspected escape routes including ceiling voids and several hundred doors
  • Undertook passive fire protection surveys, establishing fire protection requirements along escape routes
  • Produced an itemised schedule of defects and required repairs for the estates team to undertake at Harrow and Uxbridge campuses
  • Provided the estates team with a comprehensive list of repairs they could use to procure the remedial works.
  • Brought together an expert team of surveyors to inspect all four campuses within a short timescale
  • Provided HRUC with a clear and comprehensive condition report for each of the four campuses
  • Gave the client itemised defects, with budget costs allowing sufficient funds to be allocated to the works and for funding applications to be made to the DfE.

We are grateful to Vail Williams for bringing together a team of building surveyors quickly, who were able to survey the various buildings within our estate and provide the in depth report necessary to support our funding application to DfE.

Dave Bradford, Estates Manager, HRUC.

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