Vail Williams and specialist business rates consultancy Bisset Moffatt Hill join forces ahead of the 2017 Rating Revaluation

February 11, 2016
Just like a top football club strengthening their squad with exciting new talent – we have signed some highly skilled new players to join the VW team.
The Executive Board of Vail Williams are delighted to announce that we have acquired specialist business rates practice Bisset Moffatt Hill (BMH) to provide additional expert support and advice to businesses preparing for rates revaluation in 2017.

BMH is a specialist Chartered Surveying business rates consultancy founded in 1997 by Rod Bisset, Simon Moffatt and Steve Hill who between them have experience of more than five rating revaluations.

The union primes Vail Williams with an enhanced team of business rates experts to support existing and new clients as they prepare for the complexities of the new ‘Check, Challenge, Appeal’ system that will impact on the upcoming business rates revaluation.

The new arrivals will work under the Vail Williams brand across our network of offices.

Matthew Samuel-Camps, Vail Williams’ Chief Executive, said: “The last time business rates were calculated was in 2008 – ahead of the last recession – and it is inevitable that many organisations will face increased bills. Expert advice will guide them through the complex process to prepare for and appeal against the likelihood of higher liabilities and deal with the results.

“Getting ready for a rating revaluation is a time-consuming process, so with just a year to go, time is running out for companies to secure the help to get their property affairs in order to make a significant financial difference to their outgoings – and commercial prospects.

“We’ve acquired Bisset Moffatt Hill to give us the extra capacity, expertise and know-how to support clients over the entire five year revaluation period. We’re ready for the revaluation and we want our clients to be too.”

Six surveyors including the three senior Directors of the BMH team will join their four new Vail Williams colleagues to create a new, ten strong national rating unit headed by BMH co-founder Simon Moffatt.

Picture shows the new VW Head of Business rates, Simon Moffatt (3rd from left) with members of his team.

Simon Moffatt said: “Vail Williams is a highly-respected, national commercial property specialist and we’re relishing the chance to bring our focused expertise to meeting the business rates challenge that businesses will face in 2017 given the complexities of the system changes being introduced by the government.

“Clients will see the difference from our two companies joining forces. With the added expertise we will have at our disposal, they will be able to benefit from years of experience in rates mitigation and recovery”.

We envisage a very smooth transition with no disruption to client service and the new, expanded rating team will be ready to discuss your needs as soon as you are. If you would like us to expand on any of the information above or need any rating advice please call your usual VW contact or call 203 589 0050.