Rebecca Spiller

Central Services
Head of People & Culture

Bex joined Vail Williams in 2021 as career development manager, in a new role to ensure that our people at Vail Williams reach their full career potential.

As part of this, Bex is responsible for safeguarding the delivery of company vision, strategy, and values through the successful running of the firm’s people and performance functions.

I am passionate about people and their success and will bring with me my ability to build relationships that will achieve engagement. Which in turn will produce productive & efficient teams.”

Bex has a great deal of experience in transforming and leading teams to become successful and efficient parts of a business, thanks to her motivational and leadership skills.

Core to this success is a focus on customer service and ways to enhance this, which she believes starts within the business, and is not just preserve of clients.

In her spare time, Bex enjoys live music, and although she can’t play any instruments, she loves watching others do just that at gigs and festivals. Her music taste is varied, but she is an Indie fan at heart. Bex also enjoys keeping fit and can often be found at the gym.

Key Skills

  • People manager
  • Recruitment & training
  • Creative thinker
  • Self-motivated
  • Team player
  • Strong leadership skills
  • Unlocking individuals’ potential