‘Forms of Return’ are issued to the rateable occupier and is essentially a request for rental, lease or ownership details of a property, and will be issued by the Valuation Office Agency (VOA).

You will receive one of these from the VOA to help them to calculate the open market rental value of your property, in order to establish what the property’s rateable value (RV) is.

The most common form issued is a ‘request for rent, lease or ownership’, however, there are others available for properties that are valued in a different way. This includes for pubs, hotels, petrol stations. In this instance, the VOA will require trade details.

If you own more than 10 properties, there are other ways to complete this process. All forms can now be completed on-line, however, there are manual versions that can be filled out and posted.

You must provide the information if they have asked you to, and you could be taken to court if false or misleading information is provided.