Over the course of a lease, you may find that your property is not being repaired by your tenant, which is having a negative impact on the building.

If your tenant is not complying with their obligations under the terms of your lease, by not maintaining the upkeep of the property, you can do something about it.

Our Building Consultancy team can work with you to address the issue effectively, to ensure that your tenant meets their obligations, and your property is repaired.

We can prepare Interim Schedules of Dilapidations for service, with a Repair Notice, on your tenant to ensure that any items of disrepair are dealt with in a timely manner by them.

At the end of the lease, we can also prepare terminal schedules of dilapidations for service on your tenants and then undertake negotiations with the tenant on your behalf, to achieve a successful outcome.

Meanwhile, if your tenant exercises a conditional lease break, we will work with you to manage the that process.

Working closely with you, we will assess each and every scenario that might affect you throughout the term of the lease and will keep you informed about the likely outcomes throughout the process.

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