To secure planning consent to enable development to take place, you need to get planning permission from the Local Planning Authority (LPA) where the proposed development is.

The LPA will then determine whether the proposals detailed in your planning application are acceptable in planning terms.

Minor planning applications (for 10 units or less than 1,000 sqm) should be determined within eight weeks. For major planning applications this extends to 13 weeks.

Sometimes an extension is agreed on the time needed to determine a planning application. This can happen when both the applicant and Council need more time to consider the application, or if queries that have arisen during the course of the planning application need to be addressed.

In order for the LPA to assess your development proposals, certain information needs to be submitted for their consideration.

This includes planning application forms, existing plans and proposed plans, a statement setting out what works you are proposing, together with supporting technical evidence.

Different technical inputs will be required depending on the nature of the development, but could relate to matters such as transport, drainage, archaeology, noise or contamination.

Some planning applications can benefit from pre-application advice from the LPA before a planning application is submitted.

Pre-application discussions can help you through the planning process, as it can highlight any queries or concerns the LPA may have, allowing you to address these matters within your planning information.

However, there are no statutory determination times for issuing pre-application advice, so response times can vary between local authorities.

Approved planning consents are usually subject to several conditions which are attached to the planning decision notice.

This can include the stipulation that development commences within a certain timeframe. Usually, this is within three years of obtaining planning consent.

There is no longer an opportunity to renew an approved planning application, so once the time period on the decision notice has lapsed, it cannot be extended and a new planning permission would need to be sought.

Our planning and development team can assist you in achieving planning consent for your proposed development and will work closely with you and the LPA in question to achieve a successful outcome.