If your borrower has defaulted on the terms of your mortgage agreement, you can take action to recover the money.

If the property is owner-occupied, you can consider repossession in order to recover money.

However, if it is rented as an investment or is a part-developed scheme with some complexity, you may need to appoint a Fixed Charge (LPA) Receiver.

Our specialist LPA Receivership team can help lenders to recover monies owed on defaulted loans and our Receivers have various powers and obligations under the terms of mortgage document and/or the Law of Property Act 1925.

Crucially, this will often include the power to enforce the sale of the property, to recover what is owed.

As Receiver, our primary duty of care is towards you, the lender. We act as agent for the borrower, insofar as we ‘step into their shoes’ unless the borrower is insolvent.

We also have a duty of care is towards any parties with a stake in the recovery of the asset, including the borrower or other charge-holders.

Made up of practising chartered surveyors (MRICS), Fellows of the Association of Property and Fixed Charge Receivers (NARA) and Registered Property Receivers, our team will work with you to recover what is owed.