If you are signing a new lease or you think your business or building might be affected by building works (either on your property or that of a neighbouring building), then you might need a Schedule of Condition.

Designed to protect your interests as a tenant / occupier by limiting future repair obligations, a Schedule of Condition provides you with a visual report on the physical condition of a building and its services.

The report is drafted by a chartered building surveyor and will contain commentary from the surveyor on the state of repair which can be used to limit or refute future dilapidations claims or baseline the condition of the building (or part of a building) prior to construction work beginning.

A Schedule of Condition is not the same as a building survey. It is simply a snapshot in time to record the building’s condition.

It cannot be relied upon for recommendations about works required to a building because it is only a visual overview of a building and therefore the surveyor does not access concealed or covered up parts of the building in the same way as they would for a building survey.

If you feel you need a Schedule of Condition, our team of chartered building surveyors will work with you to discuss your concerns and understand the motivation for this.

If appointed, we will work with you to visit the property and, based on what we see, will prepare and issue you with a Schedule of Condition in an industry recognised format suitable for your needs.

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