A rent review is a mechanism found in your lease contract whereby, after a certain period of time or on a certain date, the landlord can review the rent you pay, and propose an increase.

The majority of rent reviews are based on changes in market values, but they can also be linked to inflation or fixed rents.

The regularity of rent reviews depends very much on the rent review clause in your particular lease, and the extent of the change in rent will depend on the market dynamics at the time, as well as the specific wording of your lease contract.

This is where the procedure for calculating any rental changes will be laid out, so it is crucial that this rent review clause is reviewed and understood. This is where getting the help of a rent review expert can help.

How your landlord determines their rent proposal, reflects the property market in your area and the type of property you occupy, but it is open to interpretation and challenge.

It is crucial to get your rent review right, and challenge it if necessary, as it can impact on the rent you pay for many years, depending on the remaining term of your lease.

Our rent review surveyors can guide you through the rent review process and, drawing on our commercial property market knowledge, will put forward a case to dispute rental uplifts, where appropriate.

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