Not all planning applications are successful first-time round. Even with thorough preparation and great presentation, planning applications can fail.

If your application for planning permission has been refused, you do have the option of taking the refused scheme to appeal, to be determined by the Planning Inspectorate.

For more complex cases, your planning appeal might be dealt with at a hearing or inquiry and for these types of appeal, a planning Expert Witness would be required.

The Expert Witness will review the case and represent you, the landowner or developer, by providing their expert knowledge to support your case and robustly defend your position under cross examination.

They would normally act on behalf of the person seeking to secure planning permission but, on occasion, can act on behalf of those objecting to the planning application.

Planning Experts can also appear to support cases at court, setting or leasehold enfranchisement cases setting out an expert and technical opinion on a planning proposal and providing the Court with unbiased and detailed evidence, to enable them to form a view on a subject outside of their area of expertise.

Our team of planning experts has in-depth experience of all types of planning appeals and can provide you with professional support and expert witnesses across a wide spectrum of planning issues – from residential and commercial projects, listed buildings and conservation area matters, to lawful development, enforcement and compulsory purchase.