‘Empty Rates’ can be applied to an empty property for a period of three months for commercial properties such as shops, offices etc.

A further three-month period is applied for industrial properties such as workshops or warehouses.

But what constitutes empty?

  • ‘Empty’ can mean that either part of or all of the property is empty and there are provisions written into the Local Government Finance Act accordingly.
  • Applications for empty rates relief can be made to the local authority where the premises is based, and it is awarded at their discretion.
  • If an application is successful, you will receive empty rates for that property or parts thereof.

However, where a period of re-occupation has taken place, a fresh application can be made.

The period of re-occupation must be at least 6-weeks and must be for the purpose of the occupier.

There are numerous rates mitigation schemes on offer to occupiers of empty properties.

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