Planning applications undergo a period of consultation with statutory consultees such as the Parish Council, Environment Agency, Highways England, as well as other interested parties.

Neighbouring properties will be notified about any applications within their vicinity, and how to submit comments.

Representations / comments on a planning application can either be in support of, or against the project in question.

If you want to object to a planning application, there is a time limit within which to do so, and for your objection to be accepted by the council, it must focus on planning considerations.

This includes relevant planning policy, both at government and local level, highways implications, noise and disturbance, impact on listed buildings and conservation areas, design, appearance, materials and character, and so on.

The council will not consider your objection if it refers to matters outside of planning, such as the impact on the value of a property, personal circumstances, and matters covered by other legislation.

These lists are not exhaustive and an objection will carry more weight if it is substantiated with evidence, particularly on technical matters such as highways or disturbance issues where the impact of the proposal can be evidenced.

This is where it can be valuable to seek professional help from planning experts.

Our planning advisers are experienced both in promoting sites and also objecting to planning applications, and we would be happy to discuss how we can help with your particular needs.