It is possible to challenge the rateable value (RV), provided you have the grounds to.

Here are just some of the grounds on which you can appeal:

  • A Compiled List Appeal – This is about appealing a rateable value which has been brought into the Rating List as a result of a Revaluation which has not been altered.
  • A Valuation Office Notice (VON) Appeal – This is appealing a VON which has been served to alter the rateable value.
  • An MCC Appeal – This is made on the grounds that building works have affected your property and a temporary reduction is sought for the period of the works.
  • Reconstitution – This is an appeal seeking a merger of more than one property or an appeal to have an existing property divided or split.
  • Effective Date Appeal – This is an appeal to challenge the date to which the rateable value has an effect.

Our team of business rates experts can manage the business rates appeal process on your behalf.

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