Ropemaker Properties c/o BP Pension Fund

Implemented high profile marketing campaign
sq ft
Of new lettings secured
Reduced rental voids for client
Unlocked tenant expansion possibilities, adding value

Having worked for BP Pension Fund for many years, Vail Williams was appointed to market several industrial units that the client owned on an industrial estate called The Birches, in East Grinstead.

How we helped

Implemented an active and high-profile marketing campaign for the estate.

Ensured that income voids were minimised, and where possible, rental growth achieved.

Deployed market knowledge and understanding of existing occupiers within the scheme, to complete several lettings, bringing in new occupiers and enabling existing occupiers to grow.

    • Secured a 10-year lease for DHL – Following a comprehensive refurbishment of a unit with a large yard, an active marketing campaign was carried out to secure the letting.
    • Travis Perkins – After existing tenant relocated, the surplus lease was surrendered with a simultaneous new letting to the Travis Perkins Group on a 15-year lease.
    • Weatherford Laboratories – an expansion letting of 15,000 sq. ft. By engaging with Weatherford at an early stage, it was possible to provide a refurbished unit to help this global leader remain within the scheme for a longer term.
    • Precision Technology Supplies (PTS) – the client purchased a 10,500 sq ft unit from PTS and agreed a simultaneous surrender of a lease on a 28,000 sq ft unit, with a new letting to PTS, allowing PTS to expand and retain existing staff.

By working closely with our client, we agreed and implemented an active, high profile marketing campaign, securing new lettings spanning over 100,000 sq ft

Considerably reduced rental voids for the client

By getting to know and understand the needs of the existing occupiers, we also unlocked several expansion possibilities, adding considerable value for our client

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