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properties based across the UK
buildings fully surveyed
Check, Challenge Appeals
properties granted extended retail relief
total business rates saving in retail relief and challenge process

Vail Williams’ business rates experts were appointed by Ingeus, a British-based, Australian provider of employment and health programmes, to undertake a comprehensive audit of their property portfolio across the UK.

As part of this, we explored potential business rates savings through a variety of means – from extended retail relief applications for the client facing operations, to challenging factual inaccuracies relating to the rateable value of their property portfolio.

Since Ingeus is an employment agency, it was entitled to the extended retail relief, so we started the process by exploring and applying for this where it was appropriate, before undertaking a comprehensive business rates audit.

How we helped
  • The first stage was to obtain rates bills relating to every property occupied by the client
  • Our business rates experts conducted an audit of those accounts to make sure there were no historic credits sat on the accounts
  • We then used the account numbers and relevant contact details at the associated Councils, to submit extended retail relief applications
  • Whilst the applications were outstanding, we visited and surveyed over 50 of the properties within the portfolio, to establish whether savings could be made from a factual perspective – by checking floor areas etc.
  • By undertaking a strategic review of every property, we established that the rateable value was incorrect for several properties within the portfolio
  • In these instances, we lodged a Check, Challenge, Appeal on 20 properties
  • In addition to correcting survey data, we also merged adjoining assessments into one.

“Business rates represents a significant burden for businesses, and we were delighted to be able to entrust this to the business rates experts at Vail Williams, who made over £170,000 in savings we would not otherwise have been aware of. We are delighted with the result.”

Paul Huntingdon, Head of Estates and Facilities, Ingeus UK Limited.

  • We were successful in achieving extended retail relief on 12 properties, which was granted at the Councils’ discretion
  • This resulted in a total saving to the client of £95,000 in retail relief
  • The strategic review and appeal process resulted in an additional £75,000 saving
  • By undertaking a forensic, strategic business rates review, we were able to save the client £170,000 in total, by making the most of reliefs, ensuring no credit was say on accounts, addressing factual errors, and challenging and appealing these with the Valuation Office Agency on the client’s behalf.

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