Adata Limited

South Coast
Industrial & Logistics
sq ft
industrial property 
lease secured for tenant, providing income security
ensuring asset was saleable
Promoted in a competitive market 
Used market knowledge to secure potential occupier 

Our agency team was appointed by Adata Limited to market a brand-new warehouse facility near Portsmouth.

Spanning 22,000 sq ft, the unit was built to a very high standard to compete with similar warehouses across the region.

Known as Independence, the unit boasted high-quality finishes, including office space with an impressive reception and a large secure yard which differentiated it from the local competition.

How we helped
  • Undertook robust marketing campaign with joint agent
  • Engaged with known occupiers who had an unfulfilled requirement for this type of space
  • Competition was high, owing to lots of competition
  • Aimed to attract regional and national occupiers with a focus on the industrial and logistics sectors
  • Identified roofing materials supplier, Danosa UK Ltd, as potential occupier having recently expanded into the area
  • Construction was complete so focused on fact that the business could move straight in, whilst other sites were still in development
  • Despite their preference to remain closer to Portsmouth, Independence became Danosa’s location of choice.
  • Independence suited Danosa’s specification requirements and a deal was struck with them to secure a 10-year lease.
  • The client allowed Danosa to use the space as materials storage whilst legal documentation was processed and agreed, meeting Danosa’s immediate needs.

When operating in a competitive property market, it’s important to have a team with expert understanding of your market on your side. This is exactly what Vail Williams was. Using their in-depth knowledge of the Solent area, and with particular expertise in industrial facilities, we were able to secure a long-term occupier for the site, ensuring a good return on our investment.

Joanna Brown, Adata Limited.

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